In 2003 the law was changed to introduce a new standard in vehicle disposal. (End-of-Life Vehicles Regulations 2003). This made it law that all passenger carrying vehicles (cars and vans) up to 3,500 KG have to be scrapped at authorised treatment facilities.

When it comes to scrapping a car or van, there are a number of rules, set out by the government, which need to be followed to ensure that you do not end up breaking the law.

To legally scrap and recycle cars and vans in the UK, Companies and operators must have the following in place:

  • The correct Environmental Permit for End of Life Vehicle De-Pollution, issued by the Environment Agency.
  • Full Local Authority Planning Permission for their business, at a recognised business premises.
  • The correct Waste Carriers Licence and Scrap Metal Processing Licence.
  • Depollution equipment that is approved and inspected by the Environment Agency on a regular basis.
  • Qualified staff and managers, who must also hold a WAMITAB (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board) qualification, to de-pollute vehicles (ELVs).

If you chose to scrap your car or van and your chosen operator does not meet these requirements, you are not disposing of your unwanted vehicle legally and in some circumstances, you could be fined.

Please remember that it is you, the vehicle owner, who is legally responsible for the correct disposal of your car or van.