Our goal at Clacton Auto Salvage is to make your scrap car experience as pleasant as possible. We’re more than aware that car breakers have a reputation as being a place for men, but at Essex Auto Salvage, that is anything but the case. Our two goals are; following the law, and customer satisfaction from first-time scrap yard visitors to regular customers.

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Our breakers yard will get rid of your scrap car for you with as little hassle as possible. If you have ever heard someone say they have scrapped their car in Clacton, the likelihood is that they used a legitimate car breakers yard like Essex Auto Salvage. In fact, we are happy to pay some of the best scrap car prices in Clacton.

When it comes to choosing a scrap yard, it is important to consider only licensed car breakers. Recent legislation put in place by the government makes it illegal to scrap a car without an appropriate license. In addition, it is now required that recycling of vehicles be completed in an authorized treatment facility.

We have all the necessary licenses and equipment to get rid of your scrap car in a way that is 100% compliable with these new laws. Therefore, when you choose us for your car scrapping needs, you can rest assured that everything is carried out legally and ethically.
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As well as collection, you can also bring your car down to our breakers yard during opening hours for a quick quote. Assuming you have all the correct documentation, we can carry out the scrapping there and then. If you want to ensure you have the right documents, please call us before you visit.

If you are tired of your scrap car just sitting on your driveway taking up space, give us a call today, and we will come out