If you have ever wondered if there is a scrap yard in Chelmsford where you canscrap your car for cash, look no further. At Essex Auto Salvage, we can help. We will provide an instant cash price for your scrap car and will collect your car at your convenience to make the whole process as simple as possible. We also guarantee that our prices remain competitive with other local car breakers in Essex.

Our car collection and car scrap services are fully licensed as you would expect. We also deliver a professional, friendly service at all times. This will allow you to get rid of your scrap car with complete peace of mind in knowing that it is being handled legally.
Chelmsford scrap yard
Our company is not only registered with the Environment Agency, but we also recycle every car part that we can in order to ensure that our car scrap yard is not only helping you out, but is also helping the environment.

New car salvage legislation

The government has recently passed legislation that requires a breakers yard to be more regulated. If you do not have the appropriate license in place when scrapping your car, you can be subject to fines and prosecution. You also must make sure that an authorised treatment facility is used to get rid of the car.

Using our scrap car services in Chelmsford ensures that you are in 100% compliance with the law. We also make sure that your scrap car is filed with the appropriate agency, and that you have paperwork to prove that your car was scrapped legally.

Our collection services not only cover the Chelmsford area, but also other local areas. If you are not sure if we cover your area, or if you have additional questions, make sure you contact us today. Call us for an instant quote or to discuss any further queries you might have.